The Men & Women who have stood-up to support our cause

Leilani is an Activist for Rape Survivors. By walking she gives a voice to the voiceless. Through her NPC Yellow For Survivors she strives to raise funds for organizations helping rape survivors or victims of Gender Based Violence. Leilani believes survivors deserve a happy life. One step at a time. It’s not about where you came from but where you’re going.
Amy Tjasink Hay, South Africa's Sweetheart, wows her audience with authentic originals l, sassy vocals, exceptional guitar playing, and musicianship across the board. Amy's song I AM FIRE (Official Anti-GBV song) is an empowering contribution in the stand against violence towards women in South Africa. Amy created a powerful message through music.
Venetia is a humanitarian. Well known in her area, she is always helping people within her community and standing up for people's rights. She is known for cooking for the homeless every Wednesday in Cape Town, to offer the less fortunate a good plate of food made with love. Venetia has chained herself to parliament on a few occasions to create awareness around GBV and in a hope to create change.
Dr. Chloe Timothy is an Executive Coach based out of New York City.. Chloe holds a doctorate in Counseling and is a Professional Certified Coach. In December 2019, she published her first book Memoirs of a Counselor. It's a story about a South African Indian woman who overcame complex adversities that have continued to disrupt and corrupt our societies for centuries. Today she is a survivor with a realistically positive attitude, and a voice of hope and healing for victims who have experienced violence and abuse.
Elaine Pypers is a young professional who works in the civil society space. She works for Democracy Works Foundation where she is the Project Coordinator for Democracy Works Academy. Her role includes managing and upskilling 20 – 30 young people between 19 – 30 years old across South Africa in civic education and leadership, to help the youth be active change- makers in their communities and speak on injustices for an accountable, transparent, and values- based South Africa.
Marcus Muller is a familiar face to South African television screens who plays the role of lawyer André Vosloo in 7de Laan. “I’ve been raised in a home where I was taught that a man never raises his hands to a woman,” says Marcus. He joins the fight against gender-based violence in hopes to influence change through action and not just lip-service.
André Lotter is one of South Africa’s most loved soapie actors and has been featured in various television, film and theatre productions. He now plays the character of Rickus Welman, in SABC 2’s Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan. André is a firm believer of living a morally correct life and therefore the plight to stop Gender-based violence is something he is deeply passionate about lending his voice to and advocating for.
Deirdre Wolhuter is best recognized as the matriarch of the Welman family, Mariaan Welman, in SABC 2’s daily Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan. She has worked extensively in theatre, television, film and radio. Deirdre has done extensive work with the South African Police force, volunteering as a trauma counsellor. She is of the view that the scourge in violence against women and children cannot be condoned and hopes to work alongside the communities who continue to challenge and fight for a safer South Africa for all women and children.
Martine Monti, along with Natasha Dixon filmed, directed and produced the documentary, ‘ I won't be Next, documenting the Stories of members of SA Women Fight Back, and their struggle with GBV. Martina makes a strong stand against GBV in south africa through her photography, filming and art.
Monique Muller is a well known influencer, mother and women's rights activist. Monique’s brave actions of speaking out against GBV has earned her the title of a Warrior Woman, who will no longer be silenced or oppressed by the world we live in today. Her huge heart and her willingness to help victims of GBV is one of her most beautiful traits.
Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is an award winning activist, radio journalist, media commentator, arts education manager, and mediation practitioner, who is qualified as an attorney. She enjoys public speaking, facilitating events, writing and poetry, and experimenting with her creative skills in art and design. She is passionate about the rights of our homeless. Shabnam Palesa is a survivor of childhood abuse and gender-based violence, which she overcame by speaking out, and by empowering victims, thus helping to change lives.
Veronique Bee Jephtas is a theatre maker, poet, and writer from Paarl. You'll know this talented poet for Dear Mr President a powerful address to our president, in response to the escalated violence against women in SA. Veroniques poetry addresses many GBV issues in South Africa and helps to build awareness around the topic.
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